Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 45: Media Fringe

I have to say it- this episode is quite a who's-who of story contributors. Really dig this episode, too. Let me give you a run down of some of the best folks to be seen on this series: Sandra Tsing Loh, Scott Carrier, Sarah Vowell and Cheryl Trykv.

Sandra Tsing Loh talks about her beginnings in Dada and performance art and I have to say I want to hear more. This lady is just awesome and you can read more about her previous stories, particularly great ones about her dad here).

Scott Carrier brings a non-fiction story about his life as a commercial radio reporter who never seems to quite have the good luck to episode 45. I know I've given Scott Carrier a lot of crap, but I'll give it to him- I'm coming around to him. Finally. Like I've said, just don't go the fiction route- it just doesn't work for me (and clearly I am the main person you're writing for, eh? I mean this is just one blogging girl's are probably a cool dude, Scott Carrier).  Anyways, this piece I really dig and feel for the situations he keeps getting into..I have a feeling that would be how a lot of my reporting would wind up, with little kinks in the plans, if I was in that profession.

Oh, Sarah Vowell, how awesome are you....Ms. Vowell's got the third act, one that had me laughing out loud. I just love how this lady writes- she's intelligent, she's witty, she just has a way of saying things that no one else would have worded that way- and it makes so much sense (watch her on the Daily Show in 2009 to fully understand this). Also in this story and her previous appearance on TAL, she talks about music and expresses a true love for it. I'm pretty sure we'd be the best of friends if we ever met- this story about 'selling herself' to make mixtapes for other people confirms it. The hooker metaphor is just too funny as she walks the audience through the process of making a mix, from getting an idea of who the tape is for to how deep and romantic the tape should be. Of course, there's a great twist at the end of the piece that I'll save for you to listen to...try not to laugh too loud.

The show finishes up with Cheryl Trykv tell her story about her brush with fame and an aging actress in Palm Springs, along with a great visual of how sunburned one can get after riding a bike in the blazing sun in only a swimsuit on...descriptions that can warm you up on a cold November night. 

So I may be a little biased when picking my favorite stories and all (I'll spare anymore Sarah Vowell fangirling in the future), but this episode is an example of how great stories just come together. 

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