Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 42: Get Over It!

Episode 42 is an episode I remember having heard before. How I recalled having already heard this take is quite an entertaining one, at that. Ira says the word "nipples" in this one and I remeber being so entertained by that first time around, when I heard it again this time, it clicked (for the record, he is talking about an ex trying on clothes and where they covered when he drops "nipples". I know, I'm 8 because I was so entertained by this).

Anyways, the first story is Ira talking about interactions with an ex girlfriend, eventually referencing Jesus coming back, from the point of view of Jewish folks. Just listen to it. I do have to say, though, Ira, don't go into fitting rooms with ex girlfriends, particularly those who are trying on tight and short clothes to show off to someone else.

  Act two is a George Saunders story about a man who has a hard time getting over a death and act three is Scott Carrier on a quest to find out more about amnesia. He visits a hypnotists to try and get voluntarily put into the state but fails, eventually having the hypnotist have someone come in who claims to have had his mind temporarily emptied.

This time around, Ira's personal anecdote is the most entertaining story in the episode. Saunders' story is one that you have to pay close attention to or else you get completely lost and Carrier's is an interesting concept, particularly in how he seems so open to push boundaries in suggesting that he be put into having amnesia for entire day.  Overall, it's an episode that is good, nothing more, nothing less.

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