Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 44: Poultry Slam 1996

Aye aye aye, yet another Poultry Slam. I was not very impressed with the 1995, first anniversary version (as is documented here), so I had high hopes for 1996's edition.

Well, no point in even hoping- this episode is the same as the 1995 episode, minus one different story, so here's the rundown on that one....

Following David Sedaris' story about buying a turkey head with a foot attached, Ira gets a message from Michael Stumm, an actor who moved from the US to live in South Africa. Stumm was given the task to investigate how chickens are used by witch doctors in that area. He describes a practice that is supposed to be the key to getting your paperwork lost in court, a practice which includes poking out a chicken's eye and burying it alive.

The act is a pretty cool little snippet and worth a listen if you've got the time, but if not, just avoid the Poultry Slams all together...I'll let you know when they start getting better (and I'm trying to like them...).

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