Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Episode 22: Adult Children

Ok, I'm pretty sure this episode includes a Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff jam.

Now that stated, we can begin.

This episode was pretty good- one of the more entertaining of the ones thus far. Ira's mother starts off the show by discussing the meeting she had recently been leading- the topic being  that of adult children and how parents deal with them. She is indeed one of my favorites to hear on the and it's extra entertaining when Ira points out how he hadn't done what all parents want them to do, get married and have grandchildren for them. I love hearing what she's got to say and take some of what Mrs. Glass says to heart, that good motherly advice.

After Ira's mom, Sandra Loh adds some more entertaining stories to the show (she was part of the first really good episode, "Vacations" ). She tells of her father and his funny adventures in catching rides with strangers (including Angelica Houston) and his idea to get a mail order bride. Too funny. Sandra's probably one of my favorite contributors from the earlier shows and I'm looking forward to checking out some more of her stuff throughout the different episodes.

Dig it.

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