Sunday, November 28, 2010

Episode 41: Politics

Ah, politics again. It's such a strange thing- I'm not a very political person, yet I am loving this 1996 political race coverage- but I can tell you exactly why I'm digging it so much: Michael Lewis. I know that I've written about how awesome this guy's writing is and how much he is just making for interesting what's he talking about this time?

More politics, of course. This time it's a funny story about having a video camera on the campaign trail and how different the response is from people around you, as opposed to just doing print journalism. Lewis' tale then fades into Ira discussing the difference in cable vs. network news campaigning with a professor from MIT.
I won't lie, folks, I listened to this episode over a week ago. Thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday, I've been in and out of the house, traveling around the southeast to visit family and waited too long to write this show up. I would go back and try to remember all that was on it, but even after reading the show notes on the website, I'm not completely recalling the episode. That says enough for me, atleast: the one story I've written about is pretty memorable. The other stuff? Take it or leave it.

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