Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Episode 29: Bob Dole

It's 2010, almost 2011. I'm listening to an hour on Bob Dole in 1996.
Well then.

Have to say it, though, this episode isn't as bad as I had predicted. Political author Michael Lewis returns for some more of his commentary on candidates, this time Dole. This dude has to be one of my favorite writers on the show when it comes to making politics interesting.

Robert Smigel even shows up on this episode, talking about how to properly imitate Dole. Pretty great.

Have to say it- if you were picking this episode or the "Detectives" episode, I would definitely go with this one. I would even pick it as one of the better of the 30 I've almost listened to so far. Here's to hoping the comedians keep coming through the show and stay this solid.

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