Thursday, November 11, 2010

Episode 33: A Night at the Weiner Circle

Oh, I know...hello possibly awkward title.

Alas, here's what Ira shares, talking in 2006, at the beginning of the episode...this one was made for just the local Chicago audience and would form into another episode down the road a few weeks (hence how this ep. is sandwiched between shows dedicated to the Republican and Democratic parties), but it looks as if the full episode never came to fruition.

 This is a sad thing to note, seeing as the later episodes that are composed of spending an entire 24 hours in a diner and busy rest stop are so great, an entire night at the entertaining night shift at the Weiner Circle would make great fodor for an try again in 2011, Ira? Please?

There is a little bit of a story about the diner and its boisterous employees, in their own words, that made me laugh out loud more than once, but will all the editing and beeping over cursing, I can see how an episode would be a little harder to pull together just covering their life at the restaurant. 

There are a few other acts involved in this show, but honestly, the one thing that still stands out to me, 48 hours later, is the folks working at this establishment and how true it seems that they really were giving "dinner and a show", as stated by one of the patrons interviewed.

Basically, skip the last act or two and give the first bit a listen. Guarantee those folks will make you laugh.

(plus the songs are pretty great on this one, too).

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