Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Episode 32: Republican Convention

Once again, I thought "UGH! Politics in 1996, no way this will be good!" and, once again, I was proved wrong.

Episode 32 includes a story by Dan Savage, about his infiltrating the Republican party and trying to overturn some of their rules and regulations on gays. The story of his going to the party events and trying to turn them on their head- it's just pretty great. Probably the most I've ever laughed during a political story that was put together over 10 years ago.

Michael Lewis also makes another appearance, talking about visiting Bob Dole's house (but Bob isn't there...from what I could tell..?) and finishing up his coverage on the Maury Taylor election trail (see here and here for his earlier appearances on TAL).  Once again, I really like this guy.

This is going for 2 really good shows in a row...and the next one looks pretty sweet. Woohoo!

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