Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Episode 3: "Poultry Slam"

Originally Aired 12-1-1995

I was originally excited to listen to the infamous "Poultry Slam" episodes. Well, I'm thinking not. Atleast not the first time around. I don't want to sound like I'm totally hating on the first few shows, but 20 minutes was just spent on getting an interview with a duck puppet. A STUFFED ANIMAL.

(I'm trying not to write during the episodes and gather my thoughts at the end, but that just about murdered my brain it was so ridiculous and painful. Here's to hoping the rest is's to the rest of the show..oh  and how Ira keeps talking about this "Chicken Man" show. The things I do for this project of patience...)

Ok, once I got over the stuffed duck annoyance and it got a little better. The story about living on a turkey farm was eh, the "Chicken Man" stories were entertaining and David Sedaris, thank the Lord, pulled it together towards the end.

I'm beginning to think the reason that these earlier episodes can be tough to swallow is due to a little heavy handedness of the themes. That is one of the things that originally made me love listening to TAL- their ability to take a theme and expand on it so well. They don't necessarily give the stories you would expect on the theme of the week and that is one thing that, I realize, does take practice. The Sedaris & turkey farm stories from this episode do that and give a fortaste of the future, so onward I will venture, praying for no more stories about talking stuffed animals.

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