Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Episode 13: "Love"

Finished this episode the other night but put off giving my thoughts on it...go figure- I didn't really dig it (man, I feel so pessamistic...but I tell ya, they do get better- there is a reason I'm doing this project after all). The three acts of "yearning", "sex" and "a wedding". The stories came off as slightly creepy in the first two acts, barring Nancy Updike's take on unprotected sex and the young ladies of the mid-90's and their thoughts on this. The real way that Nancy tells her stories, from here and onward in the series, makes her one of my favorite people to listen to on the show.

Besides that, much of the first and second acts came off as a little creepy to me, particularly the piece about a woman's first time having sex at 13...not quite what I was looking for, folks.

Ira's third act, telling the stories of the Chicago Marriage Court, is the other story I really dug, discussing different aspects of the $10 marriage services that they hand out- reminded me of the film "Paper Heart" with Michael Cera and the sharing of different thoughts on love from all different walks of life.

The third act is a good note to end the episode on, lacking the creep factor I was getting from the first two acts, so Ira and editors, I thank you for that. Yeah, even the Madonna song was creepy.

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