Sunday, October 24, 2010

Episode 25: Basketball

[art by Will Bryant -It was just too fitting]

This episode was a little more interesting than I would originally thought it would be, considering that I was fully aware of the Chicago Bulls mania that was going on at this point in time. Even in my rural Tennessee house, Michael Jordan was one of the big hitters and I even remember watching some games with my dad (and I'm not big into sports). Knowing that, I kinda figured what was coming when taking a listen to episode 25. Stories about basketball, and mostly about the Chicago Bulls at that time.

From my point of view, this is an episode that is almost like a time capsule. It talks about the players and what they did on the court and to influence culture (like how Scottie Pippin had his name attached to a car lot at that time) and  even all the way to the people who were sitting around the barber shops, watching the games unfold. Seeing what all these different folks had to say about the time, I feel more informed about something I lived through and was even a tiny bit involved in, even if it was 10 hours away from home.

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