Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Episode 14: "Accidental Documentaries"

Ahhh, finally! One of the episodes I already knew I loved. I remember listening to atleast the first part of the "Accidental Documentaries" stories- the audio tapes (as in the big tins, not a cassette tapes) of the life of a family from 1967, to be sent to their son at medical school. The give and take between the mother and father's recordings, unbeknown to them, makes for a very interesting and entertaining look at their everyday life.

Act 2 is about Ira's father and his past years working in radio. Getting hear the work that Mr. Glass did on the Baltimore is a grand foreshadowing to what Ira's life would be based around- which he wasn't even aware of in the beginning. Pretty cool to hear. Feels like the listener is getting to know Ira's family just as he is doing so himself. Can't ever hate on someone letting others that close - feel like we're going to be bffs by the time I hit 1997 episodes, Sir Ira.

Act 3 has a surprise twist at the end of the story. Love it, too, since it is another story about a person's family and their history. I have to say that I think stories like this are why I love public radio shows (send them a donation, eh?)- just getting to know someone over the airwaves, even when it as recorded over 10 years ago, it's just real.

Oh, and the music on this episode is pretty sweet. Can't complain about that at all... and now I breathe a sigh of relief getting to write thoughts on an episode where I'm not just saying it was too dull or creeped me out. And here's to the rest of TAL and that niche they are starting to really find in this episode.

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