Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Episode 4: "Vacations"

Originally Aired 12-8-1995

Alright! We're finally hitting our dumb stuffed chickens and yet another Sedaris story. Can't beat that.
This episode starts off with Ira discussing his family vacation in a manner that seems to be the first time, quite possibly, he doesn't seem to just ramble. What's he's saying has a point and it's nice to be able to see that in the show. I guess it isn't too bad to start really finding that happy medium at the fourth episode ever. Good job, 1995 era Ira Glass.

The two longer stories, the first about vacationing in Ethiopia in the 60's during social unrest and then Sedaris' tales of hitchhiking across America are welcome stories. They are of the longer format but they have more to say than a quick 5 minute story possibly can. Both worked in thoughts on the authors' families, the actual journeys they went on and how idealized they started out being. By the end, the idea of home comes back around and gives us a glimpse of what these characters really are thinking about- being back in the safety and security from which they left at the beginning of their tales.

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