Sunday, October 24, 2010

Episode 27: The Cruelty of Children

Finally we're hitting episodes I've heard before- and this one is a good one to listen to again. It opens with a David Sedaris story about his time at camp in Greece when he was in his younger years and realizing how he felt about things, particularly his sexuality. Of course, given it is a Sedaris story, it has funny moments and also touching, almost sad moments throughout.

The second act is one of the stories that has stuck with me the most in all of my time listening to TAL-The Man in the Well is a fiction story by Ira Sher and it is completely creepy to me. It is literally a story of children who find a man trapped in a well and how they do nothing to help him get out. Even after a second listen, it still makes me somewhat uneasy when giving it another chance. Guess that means that Mr. Sher is quite the writer.

The third act is about how children relate to each other and if they let other people play with them in kindergarten. It's ok but the first two acts really take the cake on this episode.

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