Saturday, October 9, 2010

Episode 11:"Enemies"

Oh, how I love pledge drives. My local NPR station,WUTC, has been holding theirs this week and then I get to episode 11 and I find talk of WBEZ's 1996 pledge drive on episode 11.

Overall, the episode wasn't that bad, mainly telling the story of two boys and their friendship, from being best friends to enemies and then bringing it back up to present day and their thoughts on it. Their story does make for an interesting listen and there is a lot to it. I dug it, but have to note that if the three different parts were solely one episode (with a 5 minute David Sedaris story tagged on), I would have been quite quickly over it. However, the breaks between segments does them a favor and makes it a much better story.

The short Sedaris story is read by Sarah Thyre in the patented Sedaris-like southern voice. The story takes the form of a letter, written by a recently deceased woman, giving instructions on what to do after her death, including taking down her best friend and ex. If there were funerals that really took place like this one, I would want a front row ticket on the action...maybe if I travel a little more south..?

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