Monday, October 18, 2010

Episode 17: "Name Change/No Theme"

FINALLY the name change! I feel better about things and doing this project now that the name of the show was officially, finally, changed to "This American Life". Good riddance, "Your Radio Playhouse"- I can see how those public radio folks hated the name.

As the title states for this one the name changed and there wasn't a theme- there's around 5 different stories going on in the three acts and they're alright but nothing that spectacular.  The follow up to the Navy Pier story from the week before was an interesting thing, sharing the fact that the pier had announced, after the episode promoting how much they were giving back to the city of Chicago, that they were having to cut a lot of the job force due to loss of money. Then Ira dropped that people paid $16 to park for this place. Then I lost any sympathy I had towards to the government and their running of the place. Anyways- I liked the follow up, the city of Chicago still not wanting to give into having to tell about their possibly boo-boo in the economy.

Overall, this show's a listen to it and just let it go on shows...the stories that were told, of no particular theme that is, could possibly pop back up at some random times on you.

No harm, no foul, thank the Lord they changed the name.

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