Sunday, September 19, 2010

So what is Project TAL?

So glad you asked.

"TAL" is the abbreviated way of saying "This American Life", one of the best radio shows on NPR. I've been a casual listener for a few years now, but seeing how their website now has listings of every episode and the ability to stream them, it's got me thinking about listening to the entire run of the show.

All 414 current episodes. In order.

This, of course, won't be a wasteful thing, though. From what I've heard of the show since first entering my life, much knowledge has been gleamed from it, so I'll be taking stock of what I get out of the episodes. Be warned these may be introspective. Some may not (I have to admit the financial episodes don't quite excite me like a good Dan Savage story).  Alas, we'll see how this goes and see what I can get from Mr. Glass and his fanciful cast of characters....

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