Saturday, September 25, 2010

Episode 6: "Christmas"

Quick notes on this episode, as to get on to listening to what's next:

  • David Sedaris and the Pinetree Gang story was pretty good; love the fact it included his sister and a hilarious southern drawl coming out of him. This accent makes the episode for  me. Have to say, though, it doesn't seem quite like something typical to the TAL format. This kinda threw me off, but atleast if anyone was to do so, it would be Mr. Sedaris and crew.
  • Second half of the episode is where the crew starts to hit their stride for this week. The juvenile court story and forward has the "TAL" touch we've all grown to love...the rest just didn't feel quite right, more like "Your Radio Playhouse"

And with that, we get to the last episode of Season One. Have to say I'm excited to get one season down, no matter how short it may be. And as I keep saying, don't mean to just sound like there's lots of hating going on here- this was just the beginning for the show (love ya, mean it, Ira!).

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