Sunday, December 5, 2010

Episode 48: Justice

January 1997 starts off to a slower start but eventually revs up some. This story covering different tales of justice from around the country (well, the world really).

Act one is about war crimes and Yugoslovia and it was just hard to follow for me. Eh...

Act two brings it up some, Scott Carrier reporting on a teen court in Tucson. The area teenagers figure out what their peers deserve as punishment for their crimes. They give surprisingly harsh and adult-like punishments, giving a view of how much these teenagers really are influenced by the adults in their lives. This was quite an interesting thing to hear from teens and gives me a little hope for those that come along in the future. I really dig this story- well done, Mr. Carrier.

Act three is all about an apology line that was set up for people to call in and do as it it suggests- make apologies. The tapes that were played were heartbreaking, particularly the tape from a 15 year old who had run away from home.

Not too shabby of a start to 1997...feels like the show was starting to hit its stride and I'm liking it...let's keep it going...only 13 years left to listen to!

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